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Our Mission

To help restore the population of honey bees in the United States through raising awareness and supporting research groups working to develop VSH bees. Learn More.

Years 1 - 3 Our Plan At A Glance

Year 1

  • Incorporate 
  • Gain Tax Exempt Status 
  • Get Funding
  • Place First Backyard Beehive

Year 2

  • Establish Bee Farm Location
  • Gather Supplies
  • Build Bee Farm
  • Goal of 20 Backyard Beehive Across Orange County

Year 3

  • Run Educational Programs / Tours
  • Plan Bee Farm Expansion


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Help Us Save Bees Donate through us

With the population of bees decreasing rapidly and the damage our ecosystem is currently facing we are allocating 100% of our funds to restoration and rehabilitation of bee farms.

The number of bee farms established by farmers, activists and research groups is steadily increasing and they can use all of the help they can get.

On our end we are working on the front lines to spread awareness and support these organizations while they pursue their work.  

Non-Profit Tax ID: 82-2457337  

Get Involved Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Planting some of bee's favorite flowersHaving a bee farm on your propertyParticipate at fundraisersSpread the word through social mediaWrite an article for our website

Being a Honey Helper is taking a stand for humanity. The more bee farms, bee friendly environments and support we can give to our little flying friends the better!

We are looking for others who would like to help fight the fight by:

  • Planting some of bee’s favorite flowers
  • Having a bee farm on your property
  • Participate at fundraisers
  • Spread the word through social media
  • Write an article for our website

If you are interested in helping but, none of those ideas tickled your fancy, bee creative and share another way you’d like to help

Apply For Support We want to help you reach your goals

Part of our mission is to help organizations that do work which directly or indirectly promotes the honey bee population.

If you represent an organization or know of an organization that is in line with our mission and  you think is deserving of our support, please let us know!

Contact Us We want to hear from you

Do you have questions or concerns? We will be happy to hear from you. 

We appreciate your interest in what we are doing to help make an impact!